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Tattoo Removal Leicester Clinic Turn back the clock and clear your skin of unwanted tattoos!

Weather its a fade down of your current tattoo in readiness for a new cover up, or entire tattoo removal, you have come to the right place!

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After an initial laser patch test (small fee applies), your tattoo laser sessions can commence.

During your consultation I will go through the entire process with you. From pre and post treatment care, to explaining the science behind laser tattoo removal.

Rest assured, I am fully trained and insured for laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal works by high powered laser light energy being released from a specialised handpiece that is attracted the pigment of your tattoo ink. This pulse of energised laser light is absorbed by your tattoo. The photo-mechanical impact breaks down the tattoo ink into smaller particles.

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Your lymph nodes and immune system play a large role in healing. With phagocytes in your white blood cells the tiny ink particles are flushed away as waste. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a recommended massage therapy I also offer.

The laser used is the UK’s Number 1 cosmetic laser tattoo made by Lynton and manufactured in Crewe Cheshire. (not some cheap Chinese rubbish that will burn and scar you).

Although there are many FAQ’s regarding laser tattoo removal, I have summarised the most popular questions below. The onsite consultation process in my private clinic will cover everything in far more detail.

An initial laser tattoo removal consultation and patch test costs £30. The ongoing "per session" cost will be given during your consultation once your tattoo has been measured. Please refer to the price guide on this page for approximate Laser Tattoo Removal prices.

I use a Lynton Luminette Q-Switched Passive Laser. Made in Crewe Cheshire UK. Calibrated and serviced annually, rest assured that this laser will not burn you like cheaper non calibrated Chinese lasers will.

I use a 1064nm wavelength for darker blacks and blue tattoo pigments and a  532nm wavelength for other colours (Note that white, some light blue, green and yellow can be very hard to remove)

When you had your tattoo, collagen encapsulated the ink during the healing process thus keeping your tattoo in place within your skin.

The science behind tattoo removal means that the Laser wavelength energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink within your skin. The photo-mechanical impact literally smashes that ink into smaller pigment particles. Phagocytes in your white blood cells work with your lymph and immune system, purging the broken ink from you system.

The sensation of the laser against your skin is similar to the fat of a frying egg or elastic band being flicked onto your skin. However, I stand out from the crowd as I use a Cryo skin cooling device. This is a refrigerated cooling blower that can be held directly over the tattoo before, during and after the laser removal process. The cooling device removes a lot of discomfort from the treatment, but please note that actual clinic couch time for laser tattoo removals is a very quick process anyway.

Your medical history and immune system is assessed during your laser tattoo consultation. There are several contra-indications what are not suitable for laser treatment on any tattoos :-

Pregnant/Planning Pregnancy
Skin Pigmentation Disorders eg Vitiligo/Melasma
History Of Cancer/Chemo/Radio Therapy
Recent Epilepsy
Immune System Disorders/Lymphatic
Keloid Scarring

Of course - I provide guidelines and recommendations that need to be adhered to before and after each laser removal session. A hard copy will be issued after your consultation and laser patch test.

I can also provide Lynton Lasers own Soothing Laser Cream and Factor 50SPF Sun Creams. Available during your onsite clinic visit.

Yes -  Although you may feel that my prices are more expensive than others, please remember, I have invested over £25,000 in British made, UK's Number 1 branded cosmetics laser along with a Cryo skin cooler. As your visit to the clinic is every 8 weeks, the financial outlay is quite affordable. Clinics offering to remove your tattoo for a few pennies within 2 weeks need reporting. They will simply scar and burn you.

If you have more than 1x tattoo that you wish to be removed, I can apply a discretionary discount. I will also offer a 10% Discount when 4x Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions are prepaid.

6-8 Weeks (usually 8 weeks) is needed for the skins healing process and immune system to help purge your lasered pigment from your system.

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