LLLT Hair Treatment

Low Level Laser Therapy – Hair Growth Treatment

By using specific hair follicle stimulating Wavelengths of Laser Light, Low Level Laser Therapy enhances new hair growth and improves the thickness and fullness of existing hair. Far less invasive than a Hair Transplant with natural results this hair growth therapy is ideal for those with or without hair loss. LLLT can boost existing scalp hair thickness giving a fuller head of hair. Some clients use Low Level Light Hair Therapy in conjunction with other products or hair growth treatments offering a powerful synergy effect towards thinning hair.

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Fighting hair loss needs to be a multi pronged approach as the combination of treatments combined often gives the best results.

Hair fall caused by Alopecia, Generic Pattern Baldness, Skin conditions or hormone imbalance due to the Menopause will benefit the ongoing therapy of LLLT . Low Level Scalp Laser Therapy can assist with boosting hair growth and help to treat ongoing scalp conditions such as Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Eczema and stimulate limp lifeless hair.

Discounts available when combined with Scalp Steaming Therapy