Carbon Facial

Laser Carbon Facial

Laser Carbon Facial Near Me in Leicestershire. Carbon Facials – the revolutionary anti aging treatment involves coating the face with a high quality dermatologically friendly black carbon paste and then removing it with a cosmetic NDYAG laser device.

Laser Carbon Facial treatments are pain free and very low-risk. Whilst it won’t remove deep facial wrinkles, it will give the skin a boost of much needed collagen. Thus reducing fine lines, shrinking skin pores and improving acne over a number of treatments.

Laser Carbon Facial Near Me

The carbon paste is manually massaged onto your face avoiding the eyes and hairline. It is then left for approximately 10 minutes to dry. The carbon drying process ensures that the paste attaches itself to facial bacteria, open pores and any surface imperfections. Once your safety blackout eye goggles are in position, the active 1064nm laser handpiece is then passed over the carbon paste until removed. The laser reacts with the black carbon and smashes the paste and any bacteria away from the area! Leaving you with brighter, fresher skin!

carbon facial near me

Although often referred to as a “Carbon Peel” – your skin is not actually going to peel. The carbon is “peeled” away by the laser, taking any bacteria and excessive grime and oils along with it, boosting your skins youthful glow of collagen in the process.

carbon facial near me

Proved to remove skin bacteria, acne lesions, shrinking large skin pores and fine wrinkles and is able to improve the overall skin in all ways.

Here are some key points about laser carbon facial treatments:

Carbon Facial Treatments are part of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie’s beauty regime, so – what are you waiting for?