Mobile Massage Leicester

mobile massage leicester

Mobile Massage Leicester

Mobile Massage Leicester

How It Works

I am flexible and available morning, daytime, afternoon, evenings and weekends!

Mobile Massage Services Offered

massage leicester
full body massage leicester

Council Registered, Fully Insured Clinic and Mobile Treatments Simple Flexible Booking for Evenings & Weekends.

Mobile Massage Leicester



I offer 60 or 120 minute Mobile Massage Treatments. Providing Relaxing Full Body Swedish Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Head Massage or mixing a combination treatments to suit your needs.

Mobile Massage Leicester
Mobile Massage Leicester
full body massage leicester

Mobile Massage Leicester Services are slightly more in price simply to cover my fuel and commuting costs.

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Many people find that a massage helps to improve sleep quality by promoting relaxation and reducing insomnia or sleep disturbances.

After your Swedish massage therapy you:-

Do Not take a shower immediately.
Should Not eat a large meal.
Avoid drinking coffee.
Limit/avoid drinking alcohol.
Do Not perform strenuous exercise or activities.
Don’t operate heavy machinery.
You should increase your water intake to flush out unwanted toxins released from the massage treatment.

It is also best to avoid:-

  1. Strenuous Physical Activity: It’s best to avoid intense workouts or strenuous physical activity immediately after a massage. Give your body time to rest and recover.
  2. Skipping Hydration: Drink plenty of water after a massage to help flush out toxins released during the treatment and prevent dehydration.
  3. Skipping Meals: Avoid skipping meals after a massage as your body needs nourishment to recover and replenish energy levels.
  4. Taking Hot Showers or Baths: While a warm shower can be relaxing, it’s best to avoid hot showers or baths after a massage as they can overstimulate the body and counteract the relaxation effects of the massage.
  5. Consuming Alcohol or Caffeine: Try to avoid alcohol and excessive caffeine consumption after a massage as they can dehydrate the body and interfere with the relaxation process.
  6. Overeating: Avoid overeating after a massage as it can make you feel uncomfortable and sluggish. Stick to light, healthy meals instead.

By following these guidelines and listening to your body’s needs, you can prolong the benefits of your massage and promote overall well-being.

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Discounts Available – 10% Off When 6 Massage Treatments are Booked

full body massage leicester

Simply select your preferred date and time for your Mobile Massage Treatment below. For 2 hour massage treatments, please message me.

For Mobile Massage Leicester and Warwickshire area only. Please specify this in the booking notes along with the address for your treatment.

Note – if a date or specific time is not visible in the calendars below, the treatment slot has been taken or I am not available. Availability displays up to 30 days in advance.

You will receive an automated confirmation. I will then double check and contact you to confirm.